What is a Debt Collection Agency?

Is there a “Best Collection Agency”?


Before we answer this question, lets define what is a professional debt collection agency.

We can start with the following from Wikipedia:

Some debt purchasers who purchase sizable portfolios will utilize a Master Servicer to assist in managing their portfolios (often ranging in thousands of files) across multiple collection agencies.

Given the time-sensitive nature of these assets, many in the Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) industry believe there is a competitive advantage in utilizing this technique as it gives the debt purchaser more control and flexibility to maximize collections. Master Servicing fees may range from 4% to 6% of gross collections in addition to collection agency fees.

Some agencies offer a flat fee “pre-collection” or “soft collection” service. The service sends a series of increasingly urgent letters, usually ten days apart, instructing debtors to pay the amount owed directly to the creditor or risk a collection action and negative credit report.

Depending on the terms of the SLA, these accounts may revert to “hard collection” status at the agency’s regular rates if the debtor does not respond.

In many countries there is legislation to limit harassment and practices deemed unfair, for example limiting the hours during which the agency may telephone the debtor, prohibiting communication of the debt to a third party, prohibiting false, deceptive or misleading representations, and prohibiting threats, as distinct from notice of planned and not illegal steps.

In the United States, consumer third-party agencies are subject to the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act of 1977 (FDCPA), is administered by the Federal Trade Commission or FTC.

Here is a video that goes into more detail and highlights some “issues” with collection agencies.

Obviously, there are many factors that go into finding the “RIGHT” debt collection company for your needs.

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